Celerius Download Manager

A powerful and simple download manager.

Celerius is still in a pre-alpha state, and there are no downloads, nor indeed much of anything else.

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Celerity 0.0.2 released

Following fast on the heels of its first release, Celerity 0.0.2 is now available! This release brings many improvements, including multi-file support and automatic file verification via checksumming. Get it from our downloads page.
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First Celerity Preview Now Available!

It's been a long time, nearly a full year since I began working on this project. Now at last I present to you the first release of Celerity! Celerity is the downloading library I have written for Celerius. It can currently handle http and ftp urls, basic metalinks, and also supports segmented downloading. You can get this release from our downloads page. Note that this a preview release: it is intended for development purposes only and should not be considered ready for general use.
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