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We've got mail!

Mailing lists, that is. There are two, and You can subscribe to either or both lists by sending a blank message with subject 'subscribe' to or

In other news, the downloading backend is now much improved, and even has ftp support. I plan to release a simple wget-like downloader based on it in the next few days, so stay tuned!

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Development makes a comeback

I've finally started figuring out how to balance my workload, so development has slowly begun to resume. There is new code in bzr now, and the raw downloading library is functional and actually useful, though a number of values are still hardcoded. From here, development should proceed slowly but surely, in little bits as I have time. Don't hold your breath waiting for a release, that's still a long ways away, but don't worry, it'll get here eventually.

If you want to know whenever some significant progress is made, watch my blog, or if you want even more detail, the Celerius bzr branch in launchpad.

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Indefinite Delay

Due to my college workload, I now have very little time to work on Celerius, so development is basically on hiatus indefinitely. I still intend to finish the project, I just need to find the time to do so.
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